How To Properly Draw A Bow And Arrow

A lot of people fear archery because it seems to be such a dangerous sport. A lot of people who try it out for the first time rarely come back to master it, because they end up having bruises and welts all over their arms and even in their faces.

This is majorly caused by improper drawing of the bow and arrow. When a single step is not followed, injuries will surely result from it.

Some even experience cases of bruised cheeks and worse, some got a teeth or two knocked out.

An easier and quicker way to understand the proper way of drawing a bow and arrow is seen in this video below. It is a two-minute video that is straight to the point in explaining the necessary and correct positions you have to follow if you want to master proper archery.

The video may be short, but it is very detailed. It gives out the correct hand positioning from resting stance up to the actual drawing of the bow. It also gives do’s and don’ts in handling the bow, like how aspiring archers should not be scared to anchor the strings of the bow on the one’s face. It is part of the proper posture to have the string touch the tip of the nose, the corner of the lips and near the lower chin.

It also reminds people the proper use of a trigger release. Improper use of this tiny detail also causes a lot of problems for beginning archers.

A follow up video on that explains why the proper drawing is set in such a way, is also below. In this second video, the experts explain why the left arm or the arm that is holding the bow in front, should be slightly bent outward, and why the right arm or the arm that was going to pull the anchor, has to be set higher than the shoulder, with the fingers touching the corner of the lips.

Everything you need to know about the basics of drawing a bow and arrow are well explained in these videos. If you want to excel in archery, starting at the basics will be key to your success. It is never wise to jump into activities without learning the basics, especially not when it comes to bow hunting and archery.

The bow used in this video is that of a compound bow. How this particular bow is held is slightly different from how other types of bows are handled. Hence, further research must be done for people who plan to use a different bow type.