Improving Your Form

To be a good bow hunter, you have to take into consideration a few different things. You need the right tools, the right environment and the right form to truly master the ancient weapon. If you pick up a bow, head into the woods and expect to come out with something, you’re pretty much barking up the wrong tree.

There’s a fair chance, however, you already know this information, seeing as you’re on a bowhunting site. What you may not know, however, are some of the options out there to assist you in achieving better results in relation to shooting form.

Arm Strength

Arm Strength

Shooting a bow takes strength. Even the newer, high-tech compound bows take a fair amount of strength to aim, pull and fire. The key to increasing arm strength in relation to shooting a bow is, in my opinion, resistance training. Your goal isn’t necessarily to bulk up, but to increase the amount you can pull and increase the amount of time for which you can hold it.

In particular, you want to work the left anterior deltoid muscle, the right rear deltoid muscle and the right rhomboid muscle. This is for right-handed folks. Left-handed archers should do the opposite sides. Dumbbells are a great way to exercise, as they require finer movements than, say, a barbell. This can translate well when considering how long you can hold the string after drawing it.

Alternatively, you can build up some of this ability by simply shooting your bow, doing your best to hold the string back as long as possible after drawing. This will help build arm strength and get you into the feeling of actually holding the string taught.



Maintaining proper form means having very good posture. You need to be able to stand up straight while drawing the string back, aiming and firing. Sometimes, this can be uncomfortable strain on your back, though there are tools out there to help this.

Apart from medical items like heating pads and such, you may want to consider a good back brace, something which, in addition to helping relieve the strain, can improve your posture for the better. All told, posture could be one of the most important parts of maintaining proper form, though it’s one of the more difficult to improve without some additional help.

Shooting Aids

Finding and consistently using anchor points is a great way to make your shots consistent, thus becoming part of your form. Techniques such as pulling the string until it touches the tip of your nose or your lips are important, as these let you constantly draw the same distance.

Some items, such as a kisser button, can help with your form. A kisser button sits on the string and, when the string is drawn fully, will lay between your lips. This helps you know, each and every time, that your draw is the same. It’s a neat little invention which isn’t required, but can be a huge help if you’re finding you lack consistency with your shots.

Another handy tool is a release. If you’ve watched Robin Hood or any other archery films over the years, you’re used to seeing the bow string being drawn back with bare fingers. This isn’t as common thanks to the invention of release aids. These handy tools can be attached to your bow’s string and can serve somewhat as triggers.

The string is drawn back and the release aid is triggered to let the arrow fly. As someone with carpal tunnel syndrome, I feel as though this is a great tool to keep my issues from flaring up, which almost certainly happens when I draw a string with just my fingers.

What to Do When You Can’t Bow Hunt

If the weather outside begins to take a turn for the worst and your grand plans of hitting the range to take a few shots at your target, there’s still plenty more things you could be doing instead. It may be hugely inconvenient but never fear. We have a list of some other things you can spend your time doing if your bowhunting session gets called off:

DIY Time

When the time comes to take a break from the shooting range, why not try your hand at a bit of DIY? It’s indoor, it kills time and there’s usually always something that has been eating away at the back of your mind to do for months. Use this time stuck indoors to crack on with a few little jobs. There’s no need to let the cancelled plans get in the way of making progress elsewhere! Go nuts, get them little tasks nailed.

Pets Ahoy

You could always go out and get a pet? A pet is a hobby that stays with you forever. You can get something indoors, something outdoors or something in between (did someone say cat?), and you’ll get bags on enjoyment out of them all of the same. Aquariums are some of the most exciting and low maintenance options around, as staring deep into the abyss of a fish tank can provide so much entertainment. If you fancy taking this up as a hobby, make sure you check out the reviews for all of the parts you need. Trust other consumers and ensure you buy a good quality filter. You’ll need to choose a filter that works best for you. For example, canister filters are expensive but their power and versatility is very high.

Do You Need Any New Equipment?

What better time to take a look at your old equipment and assess whether it’s still got a bit of life in it, than on a cancelled session day. You might as well use this time to get your game in order on the range while you’re spending some time off it. There’s plenty of places to check out online, so you don’t even have to leave the house to find new items.

Take in A Movie

When else can you get the pure rush of adrenaline of entertainment and excitement than taking in a movie. Be it at the cinema or in the comfort of your own home, finding something captivating is always a great way to spend time. Gear up your partner, round up the kids and settle in for some Hollywood movie magic.

Delicious Delicacies

Eating out is one of the best things you can do with your time period. Trying new restaurants and new foods is always super fun, and while it can cost a pretty penny if you take the whole family, the time spent together is always worth it. I advise going somewhere you’ve never been before and trying something completely fresh on the menu. You won’t regret it! If this doesn’t take your fancy, you could always order in some take out? Go on, you know you want to!

Simple Ways to Improve Your Bowhunting Stance

Just as with any exercise, bowhunting requires the right form if you really want to improve your abilities. In fact, your stance is one of the first steps you should focus on mastering as it will enable you to take advantage of the necessary upper body alignment and rotation necessary for the serious bowhunter. However, we all too often skip this important step in archery when we first begin, and it can be difficult to break old habits.

Whether you have long been bowhunting using the wrong stance or are still new to the sport and want to ensure you learn the right way, now’s the time to understand what you can do to ensure you get it right. By following these tips, you can both increase your abilities and precision in bowhunting as well as enjoy a higher degree of comfort.

Focus on Breathing and Circulation

Breathing Fresh Air

Let’s face it. Life is busy, and few of us have the ability to focus on proper posture throughout the course of the entire day. You have stressful projects at work, homework to help with, laundry to do, and so many other things. However, it’s been shown that proper breathing and circulation can help increase the quality of your stance, and just a few ways you can improve yours include:

  • Invest in a heated mattress pad that promotes good circulation and can even help you stop from freezing at night.
  • Enroll in a meditation class such as Yoga that will make you more aware of the correct breathing methods you should be using.
  • If you spend long periods of time sitting, make sure you take breaks by getting up and walking around at least once every 45 minutes.

Be Aware of the Correct Stance to Use

Proper Standing Position

You can’t very well assume the right stance when you’re not even sure what it looks or feels like. It can take some getting used to, but, when you pay attention and set aside time every day to actually practice this stance, you can eventually start to get used to it and begin to find yourself assuming proper posture without even thinking about it. The following is the way the American Chiropractic Association suggests you should actually be standing not only when bowhunting but also in everyday life:

  • Ensure your weight is mostly focused on the balls of the feet
  • Keep your stomach tucked in
  • Keep your feet approximately shoulder-width apart
  • Focus on keeping yourself standing tall and keep your shoulders pulled back

This may feel strange at first, but you’ll quickly discover that it is much more comfortable, makes you appear more confident, and can even lead to advancements in life.

Buy a Corrective Device

Posture Corrector

There is an easy way to get into the habit of assuming proper stance, and this involves the purchase of a corrective device. These products are worn under your regular clothes and helps the body to automatically assume the right stance. Comfortable and undetectable under your regular clothing, posture correctors can quickly prove to be well worth the investment.

Improving Your Bowhunting and Your Overall Health

Proper stance and posture is crucial in maximizing your accuracy when it comes to bowhunting, but these tips can also help you maintain a better posture every day. It’s estimated by the Arthritis Disease Center that approximately 65 percent of Americans suffer with poor posture, and this can ultimately lead to a number of negative side effects including:

  • Increase in depression
  • Problems with digestion
  • Shoulder, back, and neck pain
  • Tension headaches
  • Difficulty breathing

Not only does poor stance make it more difficult to succeed as a bowhunter, but the side effects can make it much less likely you’ll even feel like engaging in the sport to begin with. Even if you’ve been practicing the wrong stance for a number of years, it’s never too late to learn a new habit. These simple tips can help you achieve a natural bowhunting stance that will allow you to take the sport to a new level.

Some of the Most Fun Archery Accessories on the Market

While the sport of archery is mainly focused on the player, the bow and the arrow, the fun of every sport is the little accessories you can get to enhance or improve your game enjoyment, regardless of whether they directly relate to hitting a bull on the range. Have you got any of our choices below? Take a look, and if not, what are you waiting for?

Finger Savers

Rubber Finger Savers

Make things as comfortable as possible on the range and allow yourself to find your comfort zone a little easier with a pair of rubber finger savers. They’ll save you getting cuts and sores on your fingers, and allow you that extra level of relief when the game is getting tense. They’re ideal for beginner archers who aren’t ready to invest in a quality pair of gloves, but want a little extra help. Cheap, cheerful and simple to apply (literally just put them on your fingers), you’ll find these a great happy medium between sore and spending on gloves.

How-To DVDs

Another one for the beginners, this time we’ve got the how-to DVD as one of our most fun, yet most important accessories on the market. Instead of finding yourself on the range without a clue, sourcing these videos of the professionals at work might get your head in the right frame of mind. These DVDs are usually good fun, and especially if they’re for beginners, they’re never too stressful or full-on. You’re always going to be able to go at your own pace. So, crack out the DVD player and get watching these beauties.

Outdoor Lighting for Your Vehicle

If you’re one for going off-road, you will love this piece of kit for your ATV or off-road van. There are plenty of outdoor ranges that get a little rough and ready when you’re trying to get there, and taking your vehicle is a more popular option than merely walking there. If the land if your own and you end up staying a little later than you might usually, the lights available here are going to help you see both where you’re shooting and where you’re walking back.

3D Targets

My favorite choice out of the lot. A 3D target is a really great way to spice up what you’re firing at, so it’s not merely a boring shooting target all season long. They come as a multitude of designs (from animals to dinosaurs!) and come at a range of prices (some come deep into their hundreds!) so feel free to run wild with your imagination while you’re aiming on the range.

I’m sure you will agree that the above are some pretty fun things to play with while you’re shooting, from the completely practical to the more fun and exciting. There’s a bunch of ways to liven up your shooting practice, with these just a few. So, I’ll see you on the range!