Pursuing The Hobby That Is Bow Hunting

Nothing clears a troubled mind better than shooting a bow. – Fred Bear

Bow Hunting is an experience that had transcended thousands of years in the hunting grounds. Bow hunting is an ‘old school’ recreation that kindled the interest of people in the medieval times until the modern times. It was also used by our ancestors to gather food and protect them from enemies. Hunting an innocent deer in the woods with the use of bow and arrow is not a simple thing. It is an activity that requires good amount of skills and knowledge about the tool itself. It’s not only physical strength that’s been required, a good archer needs to have mental fitness too where focus, flexibility and attention skills are needed.

Anyone who wants to break into this hobby must be guided with the proper archery equipment. A beginner needs to start out with a recurve bow. It is a bow with limbs and spring-like quality that curves away from the archer when pulled and unstrung. The use of the tool involves a gradual process. One needs to settle first in a lower-weight bow until he or she can advance to a higher-quality bow. Using a powerful bow at your first try can cause frustrations. You may want to avoid this.

The process of finding the right bow can be a bit complex. Measurements are to be considered. At takeabowandarrow.com, there is a guide to the best recurve bows that are intended for young archers, and another for adults. The size and age matters when choosing the best recurve bow. The archer’s draw length should match the recurve bow length. And one needs to make sure that the bow must be slightly shorter than the archer. As a newbie, it is recommended that he allows himself to be in the company of experienced archers to inquire for their expertise and experiences.

When target practicing, set aside the very powerful bow. You won’t need it to for hitting the bullseye on a cardboard. However, when you are in game hunting you will need a powerful one because your arrow needs to penetrate through the thick skin of the prey. The success of hitting your target will depend on the bow’s draw weight. A draw weight is the measured force that you need to apply to the bow string when pulling it. It will be more powerful and the arrow travels further if the draw weight in your bow is higher. A draw weight of 40 pounds minimum is the ideal amount for your recurve bow when hunting. And if it’s less than that required amount, you will keep on missing opportunities to hit a larger prey like a deer or elk.

Considering to pursue a hobby like archery can be difficult at first. It requires a lot of time, much patience and courage. There is something that is hard to resist in this kind of hobby. Maybe it’s the feeling we get after drilling a bull’s eye or the way it clears our mind from everything.