Bow Hunting: What’s So Great About It?

Bow hunting

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The question begs an answer, especially during this era, when guns are legal to purchase, and are so high-tech, its about to get close to laser guns in a few more years, maybe.

So, why do people still engage in bow hunting? What remains to be great about this sport or recreational activity, for some?

Challenge. There is greater challenge in hunting with a bow over using rifles or guns. It’s not just about your skills as a sharp shooter, but about your skills to actually “hunt.” Hunting can be more successful if the area remains quiet. With guns, the peacefulness of the hunting experience is taken out of the equation. However, with a bow, there is higher chance of keeping the game within the area, giving the hunter more time to smoothly plan everything and wait for the right moment to release the arrow for the kill.

Yes, it is easier to get things done with guns, but with a bow and arrow, you bring back the fun into hunting.

Another reason why bow hunting is still a great way to hunt, is because its a unique thing to love. Some people who look for a hobby, are more attracted to doing things that only a few people can be good at. When You are great at something that is unique, it doubles the effect of accomplishment, since not a lot of people can do what you do; not a lot of people can hunt using a bow and arrow.

Yes again, guns are also difficult to master. However, as mentioned, guns are so mainstream that there are already a lot of people who are great at hunting using it.

Of course, there is also a practical reason why people still prefer bows over guns. That is, the game season for guns is shorter than it is for bow hunting. meaning, people who prefer to use guns get a shorter time-frame for hunting, while those who use bows can experience game hunting for a longer season. This is part of the safety regulations for hunting areas so those people who are into hunting for the love of the sport, would prefer to use a weapon that can allow them to hunt for a longer period of time.